Peeling Drywall Tape

Tuesday July 09 2019

Several years back we were set up at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at the IX Center in Cleveland OH. It was an amazing show with 10,000’s of people attending. One man come down the aisle towards our booth and screamed “I love this TapeBuddy tool!” Reactions like this are not always voiced at that this pitch but we sure do appreciate it when they are!

During one of these shows there were two families that came to our demo booth seeking advice. They each had purchased houses that were around 8 to 10 years old. In both cases they said every room in their house had tape that was peeling off the seams and the contractor was not going to respond to repair it. WOW, each had purchased houses of values over $200,000 and because of a bad taping job now had to figure out on their own how to protect their investment. Has this happen to you? How do you repair this kind of issue? There is a way.

First misconception: In most cases peeling tape is not from the house settling. If the tape appears wrinkled in a corner then maybe so however peeling tape is from the tape being applied without the right moisture in the compound to adhere the tape. Most people apply drywall compound to the seam and then apply the tape to this layer of compound. By the time they place the paper on the seam the compound is dry. They then proceed to second coat the paper right away thinking this fresh compound will help it stick. However this actually hurts the process. The moisture from this second layer of compound goes through the paper and releases the “glue” from the foundation layer. It holds the paper for a while but as these couples found out it does come off over time. Most blisters will appear with the send coat of compound or when painting. They should be repaired right away but some contractors just ignore the issue and move on. When tape is applied correctly it will never come off.

The TapeBuddy tool is designed for use with standard paper tape. It coats the compound directly to the tape so it has the tape has right amount of moist compound it needs. Some call this compound “glue”. Because the compound is applied to the tape first it pulls the needed moisture to the tape first. Then the tape is applied to the seam. This TapeBuddy taping system work even on the hottest days.

So how do you repair pealing tape?

Most loose tape can be pulled right off the seam and will leave a prefect imprint of the tape. So you’ll need to remove the loose tape, sand down the seam edges and reapply the tape. If you want to save time and frustration then use a TapeBuddy tool for the process or it might happen again.

Since the tape you are pulling off the seam is 2-1/16” wide the new tape (same size) won’t lay in this grove. If you just have a few seams to do then try this: Take a roll of paper tape and cut 3/8” off the side of the tape to narrow it down. You can now apply this tape inside the section. It will embed tight below the drywall mud surface. Let it dry before top coating.

For future projects you should use a TapeBuddy drywall taping tool or insist that your drywaller use a drywall taping Banjo or Bazooka for the job. Both of these tools apply the compound to the tape and do a great job. Just don’t let them apply the tape “old school” or you might be the next frustrated person coming to our booth for advice.

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