Here at Buddy Tools LLC, we’re all about making work easier, faster and better. After introducing you to our first product—the TapeBuddy®—we’d like to cover more of your home improvement needs by giving you a wide range of drywall finishing tools. So get ready, pull up your sleeves and get your game face ready for that DIY project because when you choose to work with our products, you get fast, expert results!

TapeBuddy Drywall Taping Tool. I’ll let someone else talk about this. This comment was just posted on

“I bought this figuring it was worth $30 to try something that looked a bit gimicy. I was very pleasantly surprised as I used it to find out it is probably one of the best tools I have purchased in years. It shaved my taping time by a factor of 4! I would gladly play triple the price for this thing with how much value it offers.” Well said. You can see more info on this tool and read other comments on our testimonial tab.

  • Scoop-N-Scrape. Throw away your rusty metal scoops; you won’t need it anymore! Our Scoop-N-Scrape product is made up of durable, HD nylon plastic that helps you clear off your buckets. The front blade is designed with a curve, matching the bucket shape so you can easily scoop out its contents.
  • Constructed with a 4.5″ x5″ ABS-material blade, it is perfect to be paired with even your cordless drill. Unlike your common metal mixers, it will not gouge the bucket or rust. It also promises easy cleaning, thanks to its super smooth surface. The 20″ long tool is perfect for easy storage.
  • Kraft Limber 5” Taping Knife. Made of one piece stainless steel, this design is perfect for embedding tape. The contoured handle promises an easy grip and cleaning.
  • Perfect Pass Drywall Trowel. This patented notched blade offers effective butt or surface joint drywall seam application. It comes with a sturdy plastic handle and a mirror-polished 6″ blade. A great addition to your drywall tool kit.

Each tool specializes on various steps of the home improvement details, giving you a professional result with a seamless finish. With our help, you can become an expert handyman so you can take pride in your work and bask in a feeling of achievement. Our tools work best for both consumers and contractors.

You can save time, money and energy on every project.


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  • HD nylon construction is sturdy yet pliable, scrapes the bucket clean and will NEVER rust!
  • Doesn’t gouge the buckets like metal scoops. No plastic shaving in the mud.
  • Curved front blade matches the shape of the bucket and nylon material conforms precisely to the bucket curve
  • Lightweight at less than 1/4 of a pound and measures 9″ long and 6″ wide
  • Scoops material when pulling up and cleans sides when pushing down. Removes almost 100% of the material from the bucket so no wasted material
  • Usable on drywall compound, paint, epoxy floor coatings, liquid roof coatings, black top sealer, carpet adhesive, automotive grease and much more.