The word “DIY” can either excite you or intimidate you, especially if it’s about drywall. We can’t blame you; when it comes to your project, you want the best outcome and not end up with a poor finish. You want to look and feel professional, even if you had little knowledge about handling drywall projects.

Well, now you can, thanks to TapeBuddy®, one of the prominent home improvement DIY tools. TapeBuddy® offers you an expert’s assistance in your drywall project. Its one-step application provides a smooth even taping coat and perfect for drywall projects of any size. This handy tool uses industry standard paper tape and all-purpose compound. TapeBuddy® applies more compound to the tape center for a better application. Efficient, easy to use and very affordable, this product is perfect for both homeowners and contractors in their drywall restoration.

TapeBuddy® is your best solution against all tape repairs on your drywall. It works on all seams and especially well on all corners! This simple tool helps you maximize your time and talent.

You can enjoy professional results with your DIY project. There’s no need to back down on that drywall project when you’ve got a TapeBuddy® around. So go on, show off your handyman skills and make your family proud with the work of your hands!

Order your TapeBuddy online and discover more of its use and advantages!

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  • 20” overall length for easy storage
  • 4.5” x 5” mixing blades allows mixing with a 3/8” drill
  • ABS super tough elliptical mixing blades
  • HD 3/8” plated hex steel shaft


  • Works with 3/8” drill (unlike most mixers needing a HD ½” drill)
  • Does not gouge the bucket sides like metal mixers
  • 4 way ABS elliptical mixing blades stir material up or down with drill rotation
  • Tool is designed with a smooth surface for super easy cleaning
  • 20” overall length allows for easy storage
  • Usable on drywall compound, paint, epoxy coatings,. Stirs paint in a one gallon can.