Mark N Guard pic -DEALERS

Project Benefits: speed and less errors

The Mark-N-Guard® tool is a perfect solution as an electrical box locater. Just push the Mark-N-Guard insert into the outlet box and hang the drywall tacking it in place. The tip of the Mark-N-Guard will penetrate the drywall making the box center easily visible on the surface without measuring. Cutting around the box is a snap.

Tool Benefits for you:

  • The Mark-N-Guard locates and marks the box center without the need to measure eliminating wrong cutout repairs
  • Works on single to all gang boxes for locating the box
  • The Mark-N-Guard inserted into the electrical box protects the electrical or internet wires from being damaged while cutting the drywall eliminating wire repairs.
  • Tool is made with a super tough ABS material
  • Tools nest for each storage

How To Steps for use:

  1. Place a Mark-N-Guard in ever box (you will need one for each box behind the sheet)
  2. Tack the drywall into place
  3. Apply slight pressure to the box areas. The point of the Mark-N-Guard will pop through the drywall surface. The center of the electrical box is marked.
  4. Insert the tip of the router bit next to the tip of the Mark-N-Guard. Move the router until you feel the perimeter of the box. Pull the router back far enough to get past the box then using the box as a guide cut on the outside of the box.
  5. Remove the drywall plug and Mark-N-Guard. You are ready to hang the next sheet!

The tool is truly a Mark-N-Guard at an affordable price

Boxes located at the edge or end of a sheet can be easily seen. Avoid using Mark-N-Guard tools close to the end of a sheet as the drywall may crack.