ABOUT Buddy Tools LLC and the TapeBuddy® taping system

TapeBuddy® is the first drywall taping tool of its kind to ever land in the retail market. Three words led to its creation: efficient, easy and cost-effective. The man on the spotlight, Ron Morton, the president of Buddy Tools LLC, has been doing mission work projects all over the globe since the late 1980s. With a large demand on building youth camps with little resources and tight deadlines, Ron’s inventive understanding gave birth to this handy tool. He now shares the ease and usability of his product with everyone offering professional quality drywall taping without the need of expensive heavy equipment. Over the next few years Ron would create and patent other tools that made the work easier saving both time and money on ever project.

The TapeBuddy was the first patented tool winning the “Retailer’s Choice Award” for innovation at the 2013 National Hardware Show. The Scoop-n-Scrape keeps the drywall compound off the sides of the bucket and can scoop material fast out performing all metal scoops. The MixIt uses elliptical blades shaped like airplane wings for better mixing of all materials. Its non-porous ABS material design makes for super easy cleaning.

Who can benefit from these amazing tools? 

1. Commercial Remodelers and Contractors. TapeBuddy’s lightweight and easy-to-use design can be used by any member of your crew. It won’t rust or break, thanks to its durable HDPE composition. It is an affordable tool which offers simple operation and cost-effective solutions from small to large jobs. The compound application is concise, which results to lesser mess and reduces wasted resources at the end of the project. No mess means less cleaning! Tape drying time is fast allowing for the finishing coats to be applied in a few hours speeding up the project. This amazing tool offers efficiency in labor and customer satisfaction. This no tape blister system means no loose tape or call backs for repairs. Its use keeps the job looking good and your crews reputation in good standing.

2. DIY’ers, Homeowners and Regular Consumers. With TapeBuddy’s one-step drywall tape solution, the task can easily be done in a flash. Most DIY’ers say they cut their taping time in half! Compound thickness is controlled with two designated options. The tape goes on flat and tight with no excess mud to deal with. The application offers a smooth, even coating making the finishing coats easier. TapeBuddy® can be used by one person or more, offering greater productivity and less time usage. No blisters, no bubbles and other unsightly blemishes on the finished product, giving a DIY enthusiast a feeling of accomplishment! Taping like a pro has never been easier!

In other words: You. If you are someone who needs an efficient way to tackle your drywall project then TapeBuddy® is your best “Buddy”. Using is a breeze and cleaning up is easy. Everything is made for your convenience so you and others can enjoy the work of your hands.

Contact us today!  Get your own TapeBuddy® and have fun on your next project!

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BuddyTools LLC
  • One step drywall tape and joint compound application
  • Choice of two controlled compound thicknesses
  • Smooth even coat of compound applied to tape
  • Used industry standard paper or FibaFuse® tape.
  • Applies more compound to the tape center
  • Made of HDPE heavy duty plastic that will never rust
  • Made to sit on a 5 gallon bucket
  • Made in USA!
  • Less wasted compound with less mess
  • Can be used by more than one person
  • Ceilings and corners are easy to tape
  • Less frustration with more productivity
  • Virtually no blisters or bubbles in the finished product
  • Makes the project look good
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Cleans easily with water and brush
  • The Perfect DIY Drywall Taping Tool for anyone
  • Detailed printed instructions on easily taping drywall are included with every tool
  • Video instructions on tool use found on the website and YouTube Helps achieve a Professional look on a DIY budget!

TapeBuddy design offers you these features: 

  • Low equipment expense
  • Won’t ever rust
  • No heavy equipment to repair or carry
  • Can be used by more than one employee
  • Cost saving by using less skilled labor to accomplish the taping task
  • Frees up higher skilled and more expensive labor for other tasks
  • No tape repairs from tape dry spots in finished product
  • Less mess, less wasted material and less final floor clean up

Quality taping work results in satisfaction:

  • Achieves project completion sooner
  • Paint Crews don’t need to repair tape blisters
  • Increases company productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating
  • Increases customer jobs
  • Increased Bottom Line Profits on every job!