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The word “DIY” can either excite you or intimidate you, especially if it’s about drywall. We can’t blame you; when it comes to your property, you…




Repairing drywalls can be finicky, especially when it comes to the finish. When it’s all about your property, you want everything to look great, and…




Here at Buddy Tools LLC, we’re all about drywalls. After introducing you our prime product—the TapeBuddy®—we’d like to cover more of your home…


Your buddy in building DIY: with our help, drywall installation and finishing becomes easy breezy, with our one-step application.


Buddy Tools LLC wants to help you tackle your drywall project easily! The key is making your taping task professionally done. TapeBuddy helps you with this. We do offer a 100% money-back guarantee for any product you are not satisfied with. Just return the product with the receipt within 30 days of purchase. But before you return your purchase please e-mail or call with questions about using these tools to their peak performance.



Myron Ferguson, well known author of several books on drywall finishing, explains how to tape drywall easily and fast using the TapeBuddy tool. Myron’s helpful explanation shows how this tool eliminates the bubbles, cuts down on sanding and the muddy mess all typically associated with drywall taping.

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The TapeBuddy works as advertised. Embedding drywall tape with the precise amount of joint compound without any voids is essential to a quality taping job. The Tape Buddy applies the right amount of compound to the back of the tape. All you have to do is place the tape and press into place with a taping knife.

The most important part of a drywall finishing job is embedding the joint tape. For non-pros this can be difficult and is often done poorly. Try using the TapeBuddy and eliminate this problem.

The TapeBuddy is a very simple tool. It is simple to use and it simply works.

A great tool to use when Fire-Taping -Myron Ferguson


Welcome to Buddy Tools LLC

We want things to go easy for you, at least, with your drywall. With so many things in life to focus on, taking on home improvement projects may take so much of your precious time. This is why we bring you a comprehensive, customized solution for your drywall repair, helping you finish the job in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

What is TapeBuddy®?

  • It’s a DIY companion, offering you a convenient, one-time application for your drywall tape and joint compound mix.
  • You can choose your compound density with two predetermined options.
  • It gives you a smooth, even coating of the compound
  • Utilizes FibaFuse® and industry standard paper
  • This application tool is made of HDPE plastic–durable and resilient.
  • Can be stacked along with items weighing as much as a 5 gallon bucket
  • Locally made in the USA.

Do-it-yourself lovers, rejoice! You can now enjoy a professionally-made drywall, made by your own hands, with the help of TapeBuddy®. The one-step application, even finishing, and excellent grade materials will make your work look like an expert’s.

The TapeBuddy® is a modern day taping tool that takes recreates your drywall taping experience into something fun and easy! No longer will you have to struggle with various tools to get the finishing right. With this in hand, you can be assured that your drywall will end up looking perfectly painted and polished. Thanks to the smart, compound-filled center, you can conveniently use your industry grade joint paper of Fibafuse® tape in one easy breezy application. Just pull out the tape, cut the right length, apply and embed. Home improvement has never felt as convenient as with this remarkable product!

Don’t waste your time finding other tools for your drywall project. Your TapeBuddy® tool and kit comes with an informative manual to help you maximize its use. Be the professional handyman you have always been aiming for!

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